Monday, 4 July 2011

Frenzal Rhomb, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Arena!!

So a pretty awesome tour was announced a few days ago. Frenzal Rhomb and Teenage Bottlerocket will be hitting the Arena (YES, the Arena lives!) on the 9th of September.

Top-notch dive bar and live music venue, the Arena in Fortitude Valley closed its doors in 2009 which made me sad. Very sad. Over the years, I saw some truly memorable gigs at the Arena including the Mars Volta, the Living End, Hot Hot Heat and Kasabian (aka the loudest gig in the history of the world) so I was pretty gutted when I heard that it was no more. But it looks like it’s reopening! YAY!

And it’s being reopened by Frenzal Rhomb, one of my favourite Australian punk bands. And they’re bringing out USA punk band, Teenage Bottlerocket. Seriously, what’s not to love?! It’ll be loud, it’ll be hilarious, it’ll be bringing back the magic of the Arena.

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