Sunday, 19 June 2011

Biffy Clyro – Crap Name, Good Band

One of my favourite bands of the past year has been Scottish trio, Biffy Clyro. I started listening to them at the start of last year, even though they released their first album back in 2002. Prior to last year, I’d heard a bit about them from my Irish friend who loves them and has seen them live a couple of times.

After listening to their recent albums Only Revolutions and Puzzle a few times, I went to their gig at the Hifi last May and was blown away. The trio (consisting of twins, Ben and James Johnston, and front man, Simon Neil) gave so much energy on stage and, for a three-piece, their sound was huge. After absolutely hammering through the first few songs, Simon was sweating buckets and was forced to take his shirt off (oh well!). Their gig was absolutely amazing and I’ve been totally smitten with them ever since.

For those who don’t know them, Biffy Clyro have a pretty straight up rock sound with some heavy metal, grunge and punk influences thrown in. They have some beautifully melodic songs like God & Satan and As Dust Dances but they also churn out a lot of heavier rock songs like That Golden Rule. They also do perfect, quirky pop songs like Bubbles and Saturday Superhouse.

Simon’s lyrics are pretty great too…some deep and heartfelt, some totally random and hilarious (“I pronounce it aluminium ‘cause there’s an i next to the u and m”). Also, Simon’s Scottish accent comes through pretty strongly in his vocals which adds another appealing dimension.

Overall, Biffy are easy to listen to, have a distinct sound without being sameish and put on a killer live show.

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