Thursday, 16 June 2011

Music Heroes: Part 2

Say what you will about Green Day, but I love them…always have and (probably) always will. I’ve loved them since I was a wee lass of just 10 years old when my primary school friend stole her sister’s copy of Dookie and played it to me in her bedroom. I didn’t know much about music back then, but as soon as I heard the opening bass line of Longview I was hooked.

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Since then, I’ve been a devoted fan. I’ve stuck by them through the changes (sell outs, some may say), the good albums and the not so good albums (hey, I still dig Warning). I have all of their records, all of their DVDs, all of their b-sides and everything else in between. Anyone who knows me will tell you how obsessed I am with this band (particularly my friend J, who I've dragged along to five of their shows so far). Judge away but I’m not afraid to say that they are my favourite band of all time.

I’ve seen them live a bunch of times and they put on a truly amazing show. Their shows have become giant spectacles, with fire, explosions, t-shirt guns, and tickertape, but they still manage to keep a sense of intimacy, making everyone in the audience feel connected to the music and to the band. On their most recent tour, Green Day delved into their archives and played a ton of older songs, as well as the newer, bigger hits. I never thought I’d hear Going to Pasalacqua or Scattered live…but I did and it was incredible. this.

I honestly don’t know what it is about this band that keeps me coming back for more, that has kept me utterly obsessed for almost 17 years now. I love their early pop punk records, and their faster stuff (Insomniac). I love Billie Joe Armstrong’s singing voice and intonations. I love Tre Cools drumming style and Mike Dirnt’s bass riffs. I love that they change things up and try new styles (they managed to pull off two concept albums, people!). I love that their music reminds me of different periods in my life, from being a teenager in Hobart, to moving to Brisbane, to being at uni and beyond. Their records are just so comforting to me…even the newer ones.

Sure, they’ve changed a lot. They moved from an independent label to a major, they’ve become more mainstream and accessible, they’ve branched out to Broadway (and apparently cinema, if the rumours are true), and many have criticised them for selling out, but I don’t care.

I love this band more than words can describe. Maybe it’s pure nostalgia, maybe it’s something more. All I know is that when I hear news about Green Day (like that they are currently working on new material!), I still get all teenage fan girl at the ripe old age of 27.

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