Friday, 10 June 2011

Some Upcoming Shows

Here is a list of some upcoming shows (that I’m interested in) in and around Brisbane. I’m definitely going to a few, undecided about a few, and missing one big one (Soundwave Revolution is on the same day that I land in New York. Bit disappointed as I’d love to see Van Halen…but hey, New York is going to be fricking awesome!).

·         Helmet – June 23rd at the Hifi
·         Rise Against/Sick of it All/Break Even – July 18th at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre
·         Del tha Funkee Homosapien – July 22nd at the Hifi
·         No Use for a Name – July 23rd at the Zoo
·         Get Up Kids – August 5th at the Hifi
·         Regurgitator – August 20th at the Hifi
·         Soundwave Revolution – September 24th at the RNA Showgrounds
·         Chris Cornell – October 15th at QPAC
·         Elton John – November 30th at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre

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