Thursday, 23 June 2011

If You Were a Wink, I'd be a Nod

Juno. I know it’s a movie and this is a blog about music, but whatever…that’s a technicality. Juno is one of my favourite movies of all time. I’ve watched it at least 10 times and I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of it. There are so many things I love about this movie. The cast, the characters, the script, the way it perfectly combines comedy, tragedy, teenage angst and an adorable romance between two awesomely awkward high schoolers.

Another thing I love about Juno is the soundtrack and the music references throughout the film. The first time I saw Juno, I was blown away by its soundtrack and the way the music goes hand in hand with the plot.

The soundtrack is full of indie lo-fi classics by artists such as Belle and Sebastian, Cat Power, Sonic Youth and of course, Kimya Dawson (and her bands, The Mouldy Peaches and Antsy Pants). Songs by classic artists like Buddy Holly, The Kinks and The Velvet Underground are also on there, and fit perfectly into the overall sound and feel of the movie.

Juno’s character is quirky, odd, and totally endearing…and so is the film’s music. There are so many quirky, adorable songs on the soundtrack, including the six that Kimya Dawson has contributed. Her sound is so unique with her idiosyncratic, story-like lyrics and almost monotone vocals. People seem to be a bit divided on old Kimya Dawson, but I think her songs make the soundtrack and the movie.

Characters, Juno and Mark are also massive music fans and the movie is peppered with music references. When asked what her favourite band is, Juno responds with, “it’s a three-way tie between The Stooges, Patti Smith and the Runaways”…which is pretty cool.

I really don’t think Juno would be the same without its amazing soundtrack as the music has a great way of enhancing the movie’s plot and further developing the characters. Hrm…I totally want to watch it again now.

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