Tuesday, 28 June 2011

“Classic” Rock on Tour

Over the past week a few “classic” rock tours have been announced which will no doubt appeal to Generation Baby Boomer…and you know, people of all ages who just dig the artists.

Former Pink Floyd bassist and songwriter, Roger Waters is bringing the over-the-top concert production of The Wall to Australia in January 2012. Apparently when The Wall first toured in the 1970s it was a massive financial flop, but something tells me that this tour is going to rake in the big bucks (read: exorbitant ticket prices). And just as well as it’s tipped as a $60 million production. Just like the original production, the wall will be constructed on stage, there will be flying pigs, bombers and assorted puppetry.

Bat out of hell, Meatloaf is also set to hit our shores. As well as playing a mini-set at the AFL grand final in October, Meat (as he is affectionately known…gross) will be rocking the suburban stadiums around the country later this year. Maybe he’ll get his Eddie on and ride in on a Harley.

Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac fame has also announced an Australian tour with former Eurythmic, Dave Stewart as the support act. I’m not a massive fan of old Stevie or the Mac, but she does have an incredible voice and is looking pretty tops for her age…and she’s done some amazing collaborations with the fabulous Tom Petty.

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