Monday, 13 June 2011

Let’s Go Surfing

Last month, I saw New York hipsters, The Drums at the Hifi Bar. They delivered a really fun, upbeat show, full of cute indie pop songs about surfing, cats, love and loss. We were up on the balcony and had an awesome view of the band (and the hipster crowd below…seriously, so much plaid).

Image courtesy of myheartbeats

The lead singer has a great, unique voice and some truly superb dance moves (think Flashdance). They really got the crowd going, with the whole audience singing along to their more popular songs like Let’s Go Surfing and Forever and Ever Amen.

The Drums were supported by Tiger Choir from Tasmania who had a really interesting sound and got the crowd warmed up nicely.

Image courtesy of myheartbeats

The acoustics at the Hifi seemed a bit crap on the night, with quite a bit of feedback, but that didn’t hinder anyone’s enjoyment. It was a great, fun gig, full of memorable songs…and memorable dancing.

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